One of the genuine pleasures in life is stepping out of the daily race   and relaxing with your favorite beverage and a fresh baked        biscotti.                                                       



Clancy and Susan Thompson founded  CLASSIC BISCOTTI in 2011.  The company grew out of a life time interest in baking and the creation of amazing good tastes.

Clancy started baking as a child when he made and sold his freshly baked cakes to neighbors. He then became The "Muffin Man" when his children were small.  His baking choice is now Biscotti because of their amazing texture,  high taste and  wonderful  low fat profile in a marketplace of high calorie snacks. 

Susan Thompson was founder and active partner in The Artist's Palate, a catering company that served many of Long Island’s leading businesses.  She also served as sous chef for Le Penguin French Cuisine, a must stop restaurant in Carlisle Pennsylvania.  Her refined sense of taste and her extensive repertoire of culinary specialities make her a favorite hostess and a much sought after consultant on special events.

In In 2004, Clancy and Susan, who is also a photographer, created Shaped by the Sea, Fine Art and Photography.  Clancy's miniature sculptures, developed from shells and other found objects from the NC shoreline, were photographed to become major pieces of art. CLASSIC BISCOTTI is an extension of the Thompson’s desire to bring art, life and fine eating together, preferably with a classic biscotti in one hand  and a freshly brewed cup of coffee or a fine glass of wine in the other.  

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