Biscotti is the perfect ending to a great meal, especially with an espresso and a small dish of ice cream or sorbet.                          


"The problem is, which one to choose, they all are so good!"  JT New York City

                                  "Where can I get them....I can hardly wait!" RB Lexington, KY

"Can't think of a better snack to have tucked away in my bag-- kids devour them and it is a delicious nibble when I am on the run---perfect with that afternoon coffee!!!  KN Bangkok

  " I wanted to say thanks for giving me such well received treats to give.
Your biscotti traveled to Chicago, St Louis, Tampa, Birmingham, Boulder, Denver, Tucson  and multiple places in Indiana including many of my neighbors."  RM IND

           "You really need to taste Classic Biscotti  to understand the difference between them and the commercial products which  tend to be bland and  slightly stale ..even when  half coated in waxy chocolate.  Once you have tried  Classic Biscotti you will be hooked!"  FN  Marblehead, Mass.  

"Now, the big choice is will I choose Chocolate Espresso or Orange Almond,  Chocolate Fresh Ginger or   Cranberry Walnut, or will I go for the  Chocolate's just so hard to make up my mind......I guess I will just eat them all!"  MW  Winston Salem, NC
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